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Why we are different

Real stories from patients that have experienced the compassionate care of Kumar Vasudevan, MD.

"He is outstanding"

"Best Dr. I have encountered in a very long time. He is outstanding."


"I had to call for a prescription, and I got a call-back within a timely manner."

"Excellent experience"

"Excellent experience. He took the time to discuss all my concerns."



"Dr. Vasudevan was concerned and caring. He had several tests run to diagnose what was wrong. Then more to help him decide how to perform the surgery safely. He discussed what was wrong with me and what might happen and what the future might be like with and without the surgery. I was very pleased and I intend to go through with the surgery."

"Phenomenal physician"

"He is a 12 on a scale of 10. Phenomenal physician."

"Well informed"

"I was well informed of all the treatment options for my problem. I was included in the decision for the treatment."

"Inspires confidence"

"He operated on me along with another doctor this past January. He was both patient and professional and answered any questions I may have had at any time. He inspires confidence and trust!"

"Comforting and reassuring"

"Dear Dr. Vasudevan Thank you for taking me as a patient for my recent brain surgery. I could not have asked for a better doctor. The extra time that you spent with me both before and after the operation was very much appreciated. Also, the easy to understand explanations that you provided helped me feel better throughout the entire hospitalization. Your considerate answers to my many questions helped put my mind at ease, reduced my anxiety and apprehension. In addition, the considerations that you provided to my son were appreciated as well. Even providing him with your cell phone number was comforting and reassuring. Thanks for taking him into your confidence. You are an outstanding doctor and I am privileged to have you care for me."

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