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Advancing the field of neurosurgery through academic leadership.

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VIDEO: Cancer Involving the Brain & Spine


This presentation will cover what patients with a cancer diagnosis and their caregivers need to know about spread of cancer to the brain and spine. We will discuss who is at risk and symptoms to be aware of, as well as what your doctor may be doing to help prevent and detect this disease. We will also cover some basics of the science behind metastases to the brain and spine and some of the modern treatment approaches to this problem, including surgery, radiation, and targeted therapy. Finally, we will discuss some treatments that are currently being explored and may be available for clinical use in the near future.

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Specialty Stories: The Practice of Precision


Hear Dr. Vasudevan speak with Ryan Gray, MD about his medical school journey and what it's like to be a practicing neurosurgeon.

Underground Antics: The Amazing World of Neurosurgery - Kumar Vasudevan, MD



Underground Antics: The Amazing World of Neurosurgery


Dr. Vasudevan discusses topics with host Shane Pokroy ranging from patient/physician relationships, to modern neurosurgical developments.

The Amazing World of NeurosurgeryUnderground Antics
00:00 / 33:44
Best Atlanta Neurosurgeon - Kumar Vasudevan, MD



Cancer University Interview: Dr. Vasudevan  


Listen to Dr. Vasudevan's story and what motivated him to become a neurosurgeon in Atlanta on the Cancer U Thrivers Podcast!

Meet The Expert: Dr. Kumar VasudevanCancer University
00:00 / 33:44
Best Atlanta Neurosurgeon - Kumar Vasudevan, MD



Brain Tumors for the Non-Neurosurgeon with Dr. Vasudevan  


Dr. Vasudevan hosts a video lecture covering the basics of primary and metastatic brain tumors and today’s modern approach for care.




The Zack Ballinger Show: Neurosurgeon


Tune in to hear Dr. Vasudevan speak about his interests, his practice, and how he became a neurosurgeon all on the Zack Ballinger podcast!

NeurosurgeonThe Zack Ballinger Show
00:00 / 23:43
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